Jessica is a developer, international speaker & avid learner. They were awarded an Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies in 2019. Topics that they speak about include community building, monitoring and continuous improvement of systems.

They are a Director and Co-Founder of DDD East Midlands, a technology conference which first took place in October 2019. They also co-organise .NET Notts Meetup, which is a monthly event centered on talks about .NET.

They also manage the public repos for both event websites and their blogs, including reviewing code and setting up issues for events like HacktoberFest which encourages people contributing to open source.

Previous to this they founded the Women In Tech, Nottingham.

Before switching to technology, they spent a previous life as a neuroscientist. They are easily bribed with coffee & love hearing about other people’s experiences. She really enjoys mentoring and teaching others, especially those who are newer to their tech careers.


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