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2018 - Present

2015 - 2017


2020 - 2023

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Event Organisation

Meetup Organisation

Below is a list of meetups I co-organise

2020 - Present

Conference Organisation

Below is a list of conferences I co-organise

2019 - Present

  • DDD East Midlands Conference Developer! Developer! Developer! East Midlands is a general technology conference, for the community, by the community. This not-for-profit has all of its talks displayed anonymously and talks are selected by attendee vote.

Agenda And Organisation Committees

The below lists organisations that I have joined committees for, either for agenda selection or other organisational needs.

2019 - Present

  • NDC London Agenda Committee
  • ProgNET

Individual Event Organisation

The below list one off events I have organised

2016 & 2017

  • Hackathon Team Organisation Organised for members from Women In Tech Nottingham to take part in the local hackathon Hack24.

  • Hidden Figures Screening to celebrate International Women’s Day and raise money for Code Club East Midlands (2016).

Event Sponsorship

2020 - 2021

Speaking Engagements

See my Notist Profile for more talk information



  • NDC London - UK - Controlling Wildfires While Only Getting Singed.


  • ProgNet London - UK - Introducing a Culture of Monitoring
  • New Adventures Conference - UK - The Future is Cross-functional
  • NDC Porto - UK - A Practical Guide To Dashboarding
  • NDC Copenhagen - UK - A Practical Guide To Dashboarding
  • NDC London - UK - A Practical Guide To Dashboarding


  • London .NET User Group - UK - A Practical Guide To Dashboarding
  • NDC Sydney - Australia - Creating & Maintaining Impactful Dashboards
  • NDC Minnesota - USA - Creating & Maintaining Impactful Dashboards
  • WXG - UK - Creating & Maintaining Impactful Dashboards
  • NDC London - UK - Who needs Dashboards?
  • Dot York - UK - Who needs Dashboards?




  • School Of Code - UK - Tripping Through Technology
  • Notts Dev Workshop - UK - How to Talk Really, Really Good
  • Tech Fast - UK - How to Talk Really, Really Good
  • Derby Developers - UK - How to Talk Really, Really Good
  • NottJS - UK - How to Talk Really, Really Good


  • Digital Lincoln - UK - How to Talk Really, Really Good
  • Notts IoT - UK - How to Talk Really, Really Good
  • Women In Tech Nottingham - UK - How to Talk Really, Really Good


  • HACKSOC - UK - How to Talk Really, Really Good
  • Dot Net Notts - UK - How to Talk Really, Really Good
  • Derbyshire Dot Net - UK - How to Talk Really, Really Good
  • Hull Devs - UK - Who needs Dashboards?

Panel Discussions



  • ProgNET - UK - Have I Got .NET For You (comedy)


  • Trent Uni - UK - Women In STEM for International Women’s Day
  • Lincs Tech Week - UK - The Future of Technology


2018 - Present

  • Supporting Second Year Projects for The University of Nottingham At UNiDAYS in 2018 I project managed two second-year projects for The University Of Nottingham. This involved coming up with the projects, coordinating with the university, organising workshops, managing the mentors of the project, making sure the work was on track and that both the company and students were getting the most out of the experience.

    I am now (2019) assisting on running the same initiative with my employer, Experian.

  • Q&A Sessions & advocacy for School Of Code School Of Code has been running for two years now (2019) and for both cohorts of students I have ran an “untweetable truth” Q&A session. I am a huge supporter of this initiative and am very vocal about it on all social media.

2017 - 2018

  • Careers Fairs at Local Secondary Schools I have ran stalls at a couple of careers fairs promoting the local tech community and jobs to secondary school students.


Master of Ceremonies


  • Dev Around the Sun Co-presented between talks with Jonathan Mills for 3 hours of Dev Around The Sun. this was a conference-come-telethon to raise money for Direct Reliefs Corona Virus Fund.



  • .NET Nomination Committee This was alongside Julie Lerman, Steve (Ardalis) Smith, Iris Classon and Rabeb Othman. This committee was put together to encourage people to submit to the .NET Foundation board elections, with some focus on increasing all forms of diversity. As a group it was also our responsibility to narrow down the submissions down to 18 which the community could vote on. This gives a choice of around 3 people per board seat.

2019 - Present

  • .NET Foundation Action Groups
    • Outreach
    • Membership

Conference Crew


Sponsorship and Mentorship of Individuals

For events that I have been invited to speak at but have not been able to attend, I have sponsored other female speakers and mentored them through their first talks.







2019 - present

  • .NET Foundation Member